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The Licensed Edge Doctors of Naprapathy,
Naprapaths, Bring To Pain Relief and Management

Doctors of Naprapathy (Naprapaths) offer a clear advantage over unregulated alternative pain relief and management therapies. It's the fact that their Naprapathic licenses guarantee patients that they meet the state government's rigid qualifications and standards for the professional practice of Naprapathy.

Why Is Licensing Doctors of Naprapathy Important?

Licensing demonstrates that Doctors of Naprapathy have successfully completed an approved educational program and passed an examination designed to assess the knowledge, experience and skills necessary for high quality patient treatment in Naprapathy.

What's more, to maintain certification, a Doctors of Naprapathy are required to participate in continuing education on the latest treatment techniques in Naprapathy, undergo credentials reviews and be subject to further examination.

Licensed Naprapathy = High Quality Doctors

In the cluttered market of alternative pain relief therapies, licensing is an important distinction for Doctors of Naprapathy. Gaining certification is not only a rigorous process for practitioners, but attaining it has been a long fought battle for Naprapathy and other alternative medicine pain relief professionals.

For years, Doctors of Naprapathy, along with Doctors of Chiropractic and Acupuncture healers, have struggled, state by state, against an often resistant medical establishment for legislative recognition. Achieving state licensed status was a victory for these alternative medicine healers as well as consumers seeking quality pain relief treatment.

Though Chiropractic is licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and 35 states license Acupuncture, so far, Doctors of Naprapathy are only licensed by Illinois. Consider yourself lucky if you live in the Land of Lincoln (and state licensed Naprapathy).

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